is Islamic site. The purpose of this site is to share Islamic knowledge with Muslims and non- Muslim. Islam teach us how to lead a life. Many non-Muslims people also know and have faith that God is One but they fear from their environment ,families , friends or some other problem so that’s why they not convert to Islam but they adopt many Islamic things in their life . Everyone in this world want peace no one like hate or violation between people whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Islam also teach to Muslims how to behave with non-Muslims with respects. Holy Prophet spread Islam not with the power of sword but with his kind speech, with his actions, with the kindness to their enemy. Non-Muslims also accept that Holy Prophet is True Man they never tell a lie.
So these are some things that shortislamicmsg site want to share with every one so that people who think Muslims spreading violation and hate speech like terrorist they can understand about who actually Muslim are and what is Islam.
Some of the key points of this site are
  • Sharing Islamic information
  • Daily remind to Allah
  • Life is temporary
  • Inspiring Islamic video , Download Islamic wallpaper , Quotes , Quran Ayyat
  • Encourage people to adopt their life according to Islam
  • Ebaadat , Masaaeil , Short clip Islamic message video , Islamic art
  • Get Reward (Sawab)
  • Pray five times a Day
  • Fear of Allah, Day of Judgment 
About Author
Namal Shah is Islamic girl. Who is love posting Islamic content in her site. So as she is afraid that life is temporary and this is Guardian ship of Allah. And Allah will take her soul back one day so she pray five times a day and encourage other people to pray to Allah so that Allah become happy with them and let us enter in Heaven which is real and permanent life.
about Namal ShahNamal Shah also love poetry

and love to draw picture and she also have awesome skill calligraphy. Many of Namal Shah calligraphy images you can find in this site. Namal Hobby is reading Darood-Pak. She want to go to Heaven for this purpose she share her Islamic posts on this site .
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