The month of Ramadan If you want your Ramadan to be blessed & prosperous with deeds, greet and welcome it with true repentance.
Ramadan is supposed to be a month of rejuvenation, charging our batteries for the coming year. We should look at it like that. We reach the lowest point, we enter Ramadan, rejuvenate and come out strong. To achieve that, we must keep the principle of God consciousness alive at levels of our fast.
Ramadan a month of Rejuvenation

Observe the obligatory Prayers as well as Taraweeh, Give more Sadqa(charity), engage yourself in Dhikr of Allah(Tasbeeh),Stay away from all Haram(Prohibited) things, and recite the Quran 
obligatory Prayers as well as Taraweeh


Namal Shah

Namal Shah is Islamic Nayyab Girl , who love Islam and love to post Islamic Things and want to share islamic knowledge with every one so that Islam blessing reach to maximum people and every one enlight with islamic Knowledge.

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