Personal example:
If I had gotten into medical school in the UK I wouldn’t be living with my sisters for the next few years and I would have found out about my grandmas death all alone then I’d have had to go back and deal with the loss by myself. Though I’m in the other side of Europe in a completely different place to London, I have my sisters with me. I have my family. Plus they give me all their notes and tell me how to smash every exam and cook the most amazing food so a major major alhamdulillah. Idk how I’m going to cope in 5th and 6th year when they’re all graduated and doing doctor stuff and I’m still stuck here in Sofia but in shaa Allah I’ll be used to living here by then and will know the language.
Take it day by day or hour by hour when it gets hard. Don’t force yourself


Namal Shah

Namal Shah is Islamic Nayyab Girl , who love Islam and love to post Islamic Things and want to share islamic knowledge with every one so that Islam blessing reach to maximum people and every one enlight with islamic Knowledge.

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