Boys and girl from different age share their opinion what are the main reason of divorce and how husband, wife can solve their problem live an Islamic life.
1. Lack of understanding.
2. Excessive expectations.
3. Not giving respect to spouse s parents.
4. And above all social media plays a vital role.
5. We make media personalities our heroes and they dont value their relations and so we do.
6. Not knowing Quran and Hadees about being into a marital life and what are the instructions from Allah SWT for living a life.
7. If people are known to The Quran and Sunnah about this, they would live a better life with their spouses. And No divorces would have been given.

8. Ego. When two people failed to sacrifice for each other, failed to express their love to each other, when they stopped bothering each other's like and dislikes then they demand separation I mean Divorce!.

9. The only bone of contention is ego.
Lack of good Islamic education. Because if a man n woman has been properly educated in their lives about the teachings in Islam they would not have different opinions n they will not oppress each other instead support each other. N yeah even if only one of the spouse is following proper Islamic teachings... the marriage will barely ends in divorce. SABAR saves everyone a lot. Allah subhaana wataala is with Saabireen.

10. Lack of Islamic knowledge is the key however one another thing can strengthen relations and that is to love each other for the sake of Allah and once u do that wallahi you will see strength init no matter how weak it was.
Top Reasons for Divorce

Top Reasons for Divorce

11. No compromise No Understanding Keep Blaming for no reason and only it's happen when you tell everything about your life past... to your partner than step by step day by day your partner will start underestimate you no respect no patience all going to fade away and it's over.

12. Actually the main reason of Divorce create when Husband & Wife both argues and expect that they himself is correct. I guarantee, If one argues and the other keep silence than the result may different.

13. No one from both sides willing to sacrifice and media presents that divorce is the only way so couples don't try to solve the main problem by understanding and giving time to each other they just want divorce which is disliked by Islam.
14. More expectation, misunderstanding, age gap and different mindset regarding family relationships or interest......and most important less patience and compromising behavior.
15. Too much interference from in laws treating wife as a maid; not balancing between his family and wife
16. Lack of understanding and low level of communication and discussion about the problems. And don't understand the value of marriage.

17. Because they have no mind about Islam. They have not understand about his religion.
18. When man Ego is hurt continuously. Woman expect to be respects first and so is the man.
19 .Feminist Fatima won't get her husband a glass of water.


Namal Shah

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