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Oh Allah! On this day, guide us along with those whom You have guided, and pardon us along with those who You have pardoned, Be an ally to us along with those whom You have allied with, And bless us with that which You have bestowed upon us, and save us from the for indeed You decree and none can influence You, and he is not humiliated whom You have befriended, nor is he honored who is Your enemy, Blessed are You, O Lord and Exalted, To You is all the Praise on what You have decreed, All Praise is Yours for what You Decree, We seek Your forgiveness Oh Allah from all sins and turn in repentance to You.

(Oh Allah! Give us sustenance out of your bounty and deprive us not, of your sustenance. And bless us in what you have bestowed upon us. And also make us rich in our souls and allow us cherish that which is with you).

Ameen Ya Rabb.
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Namal Shah

Namal Shah is Islamic Nayyab Girl , who love Islam and love to post Islamic Things and want to share islamic knowledge with every one so that Islam blessing reach to maximum people and every one enlight with islamic Knowledge.

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