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'Allah is my King and the Prophet is my intercessor'.
In the olden times there was a village occupied by inhabitants of both the Maliki and Shaafi'i schools of thought. Each was openly proud of their way. When they heard that a shaykh whom they all reveared was due a visit, they decided to ask him which school of thought he preffered to proudly claim that that school of thought was the better one.
The shaykh arrived and the inhabitants eagerly ran to meet him at the outskirts. After greeting him they quickly put the question forward, "Shaykh what is preferred,  Shaafi'i or Maliki?".
The shaykh paused for a moment and replied "Allah is Maliki and the Prophet  is Shaafi'i"..
The inhabitants smiled, understood, and warmly welcomed him into the village.

The statement in Arabic reads: 'Allah is my King and the Prophet is my intercessor.'
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