Beautiful short Islamic Quran ayyat about health and illness in islam what to say to a sick person in islam.
An illness, big or small, can derail our lives and bring many fears and concerns into our hearts. However, we often forget that Allah can set everything right for us, whether it is a physical ailment or a spiritual and mental one. Don't ever despair of His mercy or take His power for granted.

Generally we feel depressed when we are ill and think very negatively about life and ourselves but remember just one thing if Allah gives us illness, He can surely heal our all pains. He never burdens a soul too much that it can't tolerate.
Only He can cure all our sickness. We have to trust in His plans n leave everything on Him, surely He will never disappoint us in any way.
Ya Allah please give health to all people who are suffering from illness...
Shower your mercy on them. Ameen
Muslim Brother: “My unbearable toothache was cured after I broke down in tears in sujood and asked Forgiveness with the Emaan upon this Ayaat. Allah is the Greatest!
P.s. my dentist said that I must take the tooth out or let him do root canal. I did none of it. I still have my tooth a year on with no pain alhamdulillah.”
Doctor treat us but only Allah can heal us.

Islamic images dua for sick person who is in hospital, and prayer for our sick parents get well soon message

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