Young couple Boy girl friend relationship love before nikkah is haram in islam true love is after marriage facebook dp wallpaper.
Now a Days people think new generation falling in love before Marriage they start thinking boyfriend girlfriend relation is right and a boy and girl can become friend.
But it is haram if you start making any kind of relation before nikkah. 



Proper way of loving your spouse is just married with him or her make it halal so both you and Allah happy, completed Holy prophet Sunnah.
Remember Shaytaan will play with your emotions. People these days getting into haram relationships expecting not to get hurt. Allah wants you to be happy and he knows this is only done if relationships are halal.

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Lover boy and lovely girl dp for facebook


Trust Allah. There is someone for you. Don’t go out there doing any haram stuff. Just be patient and Allah's perfect plan will unfold. Love start after Nikkah.Cover picture muslim couple for facebook



Young couple fall in love after marriage sitting on horse talking to each other and praying together from Allah.
Beautiful Islamic marriage girl and boy dp. Handsome cover photo of loving couple.

Namal Shah

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