Pretty little kid making roti for her new arrival brother seems happy in this picture having a lot of messages and story in her eyes humans of Pakistan.
I am going to get a little brother. That is why my mother doesn't work these days. My father helps me get ready for the school, cleans the house and leaves for work. My mother makes the food with her own recipe but I make bread (roti) when I come back. It's a very important task and I am very good at it now! 
We all are happy and looking forward to my brother's arrival.

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Rubina Malik Can I hug you. You are the most beautiful and amazing human. It is so pathetic that we put all the responsibility of a household on little daughters. Please know that I love you and will pray for your happiness
Umber Darilek It says her dad does the housework. She is proud of herself for making Roti. What is wrong with a child having a chore after school? My kids have to clean a bathroom and sweep the living room. Sometimes they do dishes and fold laundry. Roti is not everything. It is one skill. A good skill.
Rubina Malik Umber Darilek I agree with kids having chores. But stealing their childhood is another story. What if the mother was having a sister instead of a brother? Something to think about?
Amnah Arshad The way her dad helps her get ready for school shows that she is loved. Idk if having a sister would have changed the situation but she seems proud of herself and it seems that the whole family is working AS A FAMILY when mom needs a break. We shouldn't just start with a negative thought.
Stealing childhood means not going to school, not your parents helping you dress up for school and not having ANY time for.yourself. She is just making some roti for her family... I think it's being responsible and considerate.
Shahgul Wahid I learned to make roti at the age of 6, not because someone was trying to burden me, but because the fine art of roti making fascinated me. I would watch my own mom make roti and beg her to let me make the last one. After that I would run to the neighbors and watch her make it. Hers were more facsinating because she made it on an open fire angithi in the yard. Let children take responsibility and learn skills if they want to. Least to stay, I hate roti making now and glad I did it as a child. (p.s. My son was equally taken by roti making at 3yo and I never denied the last roti to him)
Kanwal Hasan Khan It is not roti making that has stolen her childhood; it is poverty. It is sweet how the dad and big sister is taking care of the mom to welcome the little one. But i wonder if they actually know the gender of the baby or it is their wish.

Rubina Malik Guys please read my post. I am in love with this beautiful girl. It is the people around her. I am sick of this argument that if we don't employee children they will astray. No. This is absolutely not true. Stop raising slaves. Being helpful is one thing. I hope her smile stays genuine forever because she deserves happiness and respect. For all humans of Pakistan who hire children as servants take a long and hard look at those children faces and come back and tell me those kids are really happy. It is about time we stop pushing things under the rug. Start facing issues so we can solve them.

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