2016 end 2017 happy New Year start with bismillah Islamic dua picture images for muslim ummah.
Assalamualaikum May Holy Allah give you alots of Happiness, blessings, honor,
In this this year 2017 and after this life also.
 Our Lord! Grant us good in this world, and supporting the good in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of the Fire.

O Allah, accept in the right of every Muslim, including me, my prayer.
Islamic Happy new year 2017 prayer for all Muslim brother and sister.
Good Morning wish dua for ummah Bismillah with the new rising day
Wallpaper urdu and English for 2017
Profile photo and cover photo of 2017 start day

Namal Shah

Namal Shah is Islamic Nayyab Girl , who love Islam and love to post Islamic Things and want to share islamic knowledge with every one so that Islam blessing reach to maximum people and every one enlight with islamic Knowledge.

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