Who are real hero of a nation soldier a great person helping serving country who stay away from their house family members.
Every time I go back to my home to my friends and family, they crack jokes on my job as a soldier. I told always that it is an easy job unless you are serving in the war zone. You get good salaries, free home and cheap medical treatment and plot by time you retire.

What they do not understand are the hardships we go through during our service at army. All the perks we get are no way near to any compensation for our efforts in the rough terrains like Baluchistan, Siachen, Durand Line (Pak-Afghan border) and the entire L.O.C (Line of Control: Indo-Pak border). We stay away from our parents, siblings, children and loved ones for months. Sometimes we are posted at places with no or less cell phone reception or any other communication method. We are trained to be fearless and now even death does not fear us. We have gotten use to of guns, bullets, wounds, blood and death.
I was posted in Malam Jabba a few months ago. It is a tourist place and every weekend hundreds of people come here with their families and friends for skiing and vacations. Just try imagining for once how we feel seeing those happy families, while staying thousand miles away from ours.

Who are Real Hero’s?
It’s the same here in India as well. My father is in mumbai police and to know the hardship they face, let me tell you that I am 22 years old & never ever in my entire life have i seen him home during the festival days. Be it eid, be it diwali, be it holi or dusshera, he is never with us. It’s the life, and it is this way. He does it for the mega city, he does it for his family. These are real heroes, not those Bollywood actors.

Namal Shah

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