Dream reality in islam sign of Allah good bad reality meaning purpose matter of it.
Islam tells us that every person within the grave is either enjoying a peaceful life or hunting punishments depending on his/her deeds and pray. However, many folks doubt this truth. This is often owing to the rationale that once a grave is dug to put dead body we have a tendency to don't see any hearth burning folks or killing snakes biting dead bodies. All we have a see are unit of bones mixed with soil. Well, then wherever is that the peace or punishment? Whether or not we will see it or not, the promise of Allah is true. Allah gave us several things to understand these we will discuss in this post.

Allah tells us. That there are a many signs in His creations for those that assume. To know this specific issue (grave) better, we are able to examine our dreams. Say, any person is sleeping right beside you. He’s seeing a dream wherever some folks are attempting to kill him. They catch him and starts beating him. Finally, they put off a gun and shoots him. You’re sitting beside this sleeping person, however you are not see any of those things. However, he's experiencing of these things, it's simply you can't see. A similar method, that individual within the grave goes through all the items that are promise by Allah, it's simply it's just we cannot see.
Purpose matters reality of Dream
There are necessary functions and purpose in dreams for someone who reflects. Such as a person is feel however "realistic" the dreams are that he sees whereas asleep, that therein means are not any totally different in their realism from the instant he awakes. As an example, despite one person's body lying on the bed, in dream he went on business visits, met new individuals, and had lunch whereas being attentive to music. He enjoyed the style of his meal, danced to the music, became excited due to the incidents that happened, became happy and sad, was afraid and felt tired. He may even have driven a vehicle that he had not antecedently driven till that day and did not even know how to drive.
๐Ÿ‘€✋๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘…So, you can experience, see, touch, hear and taste things that are not only real but also things that are unreal.Same type you will be rewarded Heaven or Hell while you can feel every thing.
Final Words
The dreams which we see while sleeping are the sign of Allah that you will be rewards by good Heaven or Hell depend on your deeds. While sleeping enjoying your dream same type there is reality which you will feel after the death. What Quran say about dreams. Are we read Quran properly? We must follow Quran. Good and bad dreams are from Allah.  Must read Night Prayer before going to bed then Allah give you reward whole night.

Namal Shah

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