rag pickers kids poor child hard life problem crying baby blessing thanks Allah out of food inspiring message from kids Syria poverty school education.
There are more rag pickers in the Philippines compared to any other country. The good thing is in the Philippines rag pickers are never discriminated, they're considered as equals. Discrimination is uncommon in the Philippines.
I wish these places would stop being called slums. They're not slums, they're hardworking communities. A slum is a place centered on drugs, prostitution, and violence. The Dalits are beautiful people. It's the Brahmins that are the filth, the scourge, and the parasites of society. Lazy worthless frauds living off the sweat of others.
syria muslim kids crying

YA- Allah help innocent Muslims of Syria

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child sitting on garbage
 A Teacher Message from YouTube “In Brazil we have schools, food and school bus. The only are the students. They don't care about education. Believe me. I'm a teacher and I've been through this problem for a long time. There some remote places where is very difficult for transportation but in the cities the government offers schools for everybody.
african kids smiling
You are blessed if you are watching this picture on your smart phone / laptop because these kids need food to eat and you are here surfing online while sitting on your home enjoying freely.

begratefull thanks
Lovely kids talking to each other.
She asking: Are you okay? 
Boy Reply: I'm Fine , but he hide his problems, worries inside him so that girl don't get upset.

boy girl talks kids

Even in poverty, the kids know how to smile, that's incredible..! These people are actually very talented if given a chance they can change their future!

boy working
 Syria kid sitting in box suffering from cool wind.
kids in syria

6 Year girl crying because she have to work for their living

little girl crying

palestine syria muslisms

poor life

How do we get books and maybe a couple computers over there? These kids need a chance.
This is the so called super power. Self-respect, inspiring personality and great message from this little girl. I shine shoes so I can pay for my own schooling. I do my homework in these beautiful shoes an 8 year girl from Kabul story. 
silence message from girl

 If you woke up with alarm on your mobile phone. Have electricity, hot water in your washroom, food on your table. Say Thousand times thanks To Allah. And think before wasting your food because there are children who live on garbage and have nothing to eat.
think before waste food


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