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Don't cry for your loss. Allah won't take anything from a believer without replacing it with something better

Allah said in the Quran, "Perhaps you may dislike something which is good for you, and like something which is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not." (2:216)

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There is nothing called 'we deserve it'. Everything is ALLAH'S blessings and mercy.
We will enter Jinnah not because we deserve it but because of ALLAH'S mercy.
All of us are sinful then how do you say we deserve Jinnah . What if ALLAH did not forgive any of our sin?
Only when ALLAH forgive us our sins with HIS mercy that we will enter into Jinnah . Only through HIS mercy HE will admit us to Jinnah .
Hence don't ever say 'we deserve it ' but always say ' ALLAH'S mercy’

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The Mercy of Allah is what will admit His believing slaves to Paradise on the Day of Resurrection. No one will ever enter Paradise because of his deeds alone, as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “No one’s deeds will ever admit him to Paradise.” They said, “Not even you, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “No, not even me, unless Allah showers me with His Mercy. So try to be near to perfection. And no one should wish for death; he is either doing well so he will do more of that, or he is doing wrong so he may repent.” [al-Bukhari, Muslim]

Allaah azza wa jaal is the best knower of all. The loss of one's individual can't really avoid not to cry but not to the extent that as if ur world is absolutely or totally down but it simply shown sympathy or hurts. Patient and acceptance is the key to move on to be a better being   a better being.

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Patience is critical. ‘Umar ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azeez (may Allah be pleased with him) said: Allah has not bestowed any blessing upon His slaves then taken it away and replaced it with patience, but what He has compensated them with is better than what He has taken away.

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Patience is everything very hard to bear with but fruitful
Surely We Don't need to cry over our loss, Allah won't take anything from a believer without replacing it with something better. And for everything we loses there's a substitute, but the one who loses Allah can never find anything to replace him.
No matter what else you lose, never lose Allah.

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Allah can replace everything but nothing can replace Allah
We don't know about ourselves & our future. Sometimes we may repent for something what we wanted to get but perhaps it will not be good for us. Only Allah knows, we don't.
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