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Daughter is blessing of Allah. And can be path to Jinnah. Mother should teach properly Islam to her daughter as when she will be married then can teach islam to her kids which later become as of reward when die . Just like son parents should give proper education, fulfill their rights as mention below because girls now a days can play an important role in our society.

Betiyan Allah ki rehmat hoti hain. Agr ak beti ki tarbiyat achi ki ho to wo Jannat m ly ja skti ha. Beton ki tarha in k b haqooq or talimaat ki b achi sy care ki jay. Apni baki aulat ki tarha betiyon sy b insaf wala rawaya akhtyar krien on ko boj nahi samjein . Holy Prophet ki b sahbzadian thien.
1. The birth of sons and daughters born to happiness and let them understand the divine blessing. God knows that wisdom. Bless and whom he wants to give her son.

islam rules hadees

2. Also be arranged like sons and daughters education. And be equipped to teach them so they can later build a house. 

responsibiltiy guidness

3. Children should be aware of the efficient losses on musical instruments, and that 
they should bless bound fast to learn and distinguish good and bad.
children guide

4. a little innocent children should equipped with ornament, dress. And there is reward parents for fulfilling their petty desires.

law good habbits

5. From girl’s childhood Arrange good education Quran from elderly women and understand in mind that they should be true beliefs.

family parents

6. Be informed of the affair, especially ablution, bathing, prayer, fasting, etc. Similar problems children aware of the harmful effects of bad attributes.


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