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A child of 6 years going through the market with her 4-year-old younger sister.
So while going when he turned and saw her sister was left behind. She was looking with full of interest and concentration on an object through the window of a toy shop.

sister brother story

The boy was close to him and asked: "You need any toy?" The girl pointed to a doll with her hand. He went into the shop with her sister and like a responsible big brother. He hands up the doll in his sister hands .Her eyes raised sparkling with joy.
Shopkeeper was going to see the whole scene, whether the child is getting so little love how my sister's wish and responsibility.
The boy came to the shopkeeper and said: "Sir, what is the value of the doll?"
Shopkeeper was a wise person who had seen the highs and lows of life, he said with great love: "How much do you give him?"

sibling love

The boy gave out all the shells from his pocket which he had chosen from beach and put on the table in front of the vendor. The shopkeeper started counting Oysters just like counting the money. He looked up at the boy. The boy asked with the worried: “Are shells reduced?".
Shopkeeper said, "No, the value of shells are more than the value of Doll" So the shopkeeper took four oysters and returned to the boy. Boys take the shells out of his pocket and happily come out from shop, while holding hands with his sister.
An artisans shop was going to see the whole thing very carefully. 

Shopkeeper came up and said: "Sir, you gave it to him a precious doll in exchange of four oysters?"
Shopkeeper said: "These are shells only for us are, but these are very valuable for the boy. At that age probably he not know how important and value of money. But when he will grow he will be great and wise surely little boy will understand just like us, and it will come to understand its true will. When it came to mind that he had never purchased a doll for my sister against four oysters will understand that the world is full of good men.

It would be a good lesson, and it is possible that it was the incentive to do something good with any one.

Final Words:
A very inspiring story of sibling, how much brother love his sister and what he can do. Loving to sister and make her happy by gifting. A powerful story message between brother and sister. Even a little child can do this then we our love for sister should be widely so that she don’t feel sad. Brother should be proud to her sister.

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