recitation of little child online quran for children amazing voice of baby small baby with holy book quran talwat beautiful voice video talent kid of muslim kid islam
Beautiful reciting Alhamdulillah ya Allah. We should start teaching Quran as soon as possible to our kids. Once they become addicted to Quran or you can say they start reciting, then their speech, tone of voice become more beautiful day by day.
Islam say we start teaching our children from early age. Indeed God gives peace to the hearts when we read Quran. Beautiful reciting Alhamdulillah ya Allah
Your tears will drop due to happiness when you heard beautiful voice of this little kid reading Quran.
Gift of Quran inside her which only fortunate Muslims can obtain.
May Allah help out children soul ya Allah please have mercy on all my fellow brother and sisters in Islam ya Allah! Not only my brothers and sister but the nonbelievers too.
What a Beautiful voice. May Almighty Allah save you and your family and forgive all our sins Make us a good sample for the ummah. Amen.
Allah Ya Raheem those who listen this great heart touching recitation grant them Jannah
holding quran

Siblings reading Holy Book together
A sister teaching her brother how to read Quran
baby quran tilawat
Baby sleeping with holding Holy Quran on his forhead
baby sleeping with quran
Smile it’s Sunnah. Cute little baby
beautiful baby
Glasses Girl baby 

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girl reading -quran
Kids in mosque reading quran together
learning quran mosque
A little kid acting as imam
little kid imamm

Sitting in Makkah Allah home and praying to God
quran reading hijab girl

Group reading class of Islamic education for kids
students quran class

                                        video baby read quran


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