kids picture message baby praying and quotes father love daughter teaching islam allah help repent muslim.
I’m Muslim and I proud to be Muslim I born in Islamic society. Islam teach me the way how to live an Islamic life. I want to perfume hajj. One day when I will be able to go to Allah Home. I Will pray for our Muslim brother and sister who having hard time in their life , that Allah help us and accept our deed accept our hajj , the Muslim brother and little once which want to visit Makkah Allah create a hidden resource help them from you treasure.
Allah show me the right way which make me closer to you. Raise my Imaan, make my prayer precious to you.
muslim proud

accept our hajj child saying

allah help us
 Allah show me the right way which make me closer to you. Raise my Imaan, make my prayer precious to you.
allah show me right way
 Little kid carry a message on a white paper written I’m Muslim don’t hate me I’m not promoting any bad deeds.
baby carrying message board

Daughter and father quotes: No one in this world love a girl more than her father.

father daughter love
Friend quotes: if you are looking for a friend who is faultless, then you are gonna be friendless in your life.

friend quotes
Whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim wearing hijab give you different and beautiful look.

hijab girl kid

May your next ram adan be here in Makkah ameen.

inshallah visit to makkah
Islam message: In Islam racism does not’ exist.  Everyone is equal in Islam whether you are white or black in look.

islam racism

Thousands of inspiring message from a single picture
Father teaching her daughter how to pray as his duty to not only to protect her but to show you how to survive in this world with dignity and self-respect.

learning nimaz father
Do you want to visit Makkah

makkah visit

Always sleep with the clean heart. Remove erase all bad things which happened to you all day. Forgive those who hurt you, repent, read night prayer and go to sleep

repent sleep
 That made me Cry. I am a Muslim, And the people who lost their Families for us Muslims I am sorry but truly we don’t at all kill or is terrorists race Religion Has bad people involved ,Guys do you know that our Quran says that "a human killing another Human means killing the whole humanity'' So we don’t at all Dangerous, ,terrorist etc.Our religion is very serious about protecting women's beauty and also is against gay women with women Our Religion Supports Usual, it wants us to have a great life, and I am very sorry if I annoyed you guys or said anything wrong Salam Alaikum (peace be upon you).May ALLAH have mercy on all of us.
rocket allah sky picture message

The Rockets may be above us, but they have no idea that Allah is above them.
Always speak the truth.

speak the truth

syrian child happiness

Ya Allah help protect muslim ummah
ya allah protect


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