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Sir,Assalamu alaikum. I am from Bangladesh. Sir, I don't know you have time to reply my text or not but I feel at least I should share it before I do anything wrong with me. Sir, I am totally fed up of my life. I worked hard in my study. I study all day and deep night. I always say my prayer... my dream was to be doctor. And I am a devoted soul. But I never get the result of my hard work. Even I saw many people who don't say their prayer.... don't work so hard like me. Even don't help and behave gently like me with people but nothing wrongs happen with them. They always get what they want even sometimes get more... What can I do now, sir? What is my fault?
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Praise be to Allaah. Belief in destiny and fate is one of the basic beliefs of Islam. It means that Allaah is the Knower of all things and the Creator of all things; nothing exists outside of His will and decree. He wrote down all things with Him in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz (the Preserved Tablet), and this was fifty thousand years before 

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He created the universe. Everything in the universe, every creature and the things it does, is the creation of Allaah. Whatever He wills happens, and whatever He does not will does not happen. If something happens to a person, it could not have missed him, and if something does not happen to him, it could not have happened to him. A person is not forced to obey or disobey Allaah – he has free will as befits his state, but it is subject to the will of the Creator. And Allaah knows best.
Life is a test and everything in this life is a gift.

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There is divine wisdom in everything that happens. Just hang in there and keep giving your best. One day you will be amazed on how hardships turned around and good things came out of them. Don't be depressed by other people's well-being. Good things will come your way, at exactly the perfect time.
Asalamou Alaykoum brother not getting what you want in dunya should not make you fed up Allah has appointed time for anything and he know why he is delaying your prayers and hard works this is the time you should saw him how you love him Allah test those he love much to see how they will be patient .....May Allah make ease for you and the entire Jinnah InshaAllah
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Don't get disappointed, don’t compare yourself with others, May be you are not using the right strategy to study and to attempt exams, study is different and attempting exams is different, you need to evaluate your way of taking tests, yes, people who are bad do get many things better than good people at times but you don't know what is wrong in their lives? If they are not good Muslims then that is their biggest bad luck, if you are good human being then you are very lucky because you will InshaAllah get best reward after the day of judgment all you need is to keep patience and be thankful for what you have, for example you can write and you are not handicapped so you should be thankful for that, see those who have lesser luxuries than you not those who have more luxuries than you, I’m telling you the interpretation of a hadith that when Allah wants to do something good with someone, He afflicts him with trials, so see to it, always trust Allah, be positive and expect best from Allah Kareem, according to interpretation from Holy Quran believers trust in Allah, you put in all efforts and then leave the results on to Allah, 
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believe Allah loves you more than 70 mothers so He will give you the best at the right time, be thankful for life you have and make the most of it, never think that Allah will not help you, believe that Allah will always do the best with you, believe that Allah doesn't give pain to anyone beyond his tolerance, according to interpretation from Holy Quran what you like may not be good for you, and what you don't like may be good for you, Allah knows the best, so stay positive and always pray to Allah.

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