ameen suameen wallpaper imaan prayer wait pray people free purify heart allah duaa dawah
Don't wait for your imaan to increase so that you can give dawah. The truth is giving dawah is itself an action that increases imaan.
It means, helping to the find right way to jannatul ferdous(way to HAVEN) !
Ameen summa Ameen jazaa kAllah

imaan prayer wait

First of all, we must purify our Niyyah and take out arrogant and pride from our hearts so that our prayers and duaa will take granted by Allah SWT.

People come, people go Goodbyes are common but in the end, there will only be one true love story, which is between you AND ALLAH!

purify heart allah

Allah make us a good slave to u, and command our heart to every good deed, that we can benefit from in dis world and after dis worlds
You are free of tensions. So you pray such prayers of free people.

pray people free

It’s easily we get distracted for our worldly affairs we are forgetful that we forget why we are in this temporary world. May Allah bless you with all goods in this life.

ameen suameen wallpaper


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