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 True you will forget friends if your husband makes you realize he is your strongest friend. By sacrificing things people see his wife smile not note world. Be best friend to your wife give complements when she is happy “you are coolness to my eyes”
Play with your wife and bring back the girl in her. Whatever her age, she should be your baby girl. Our Prophet SAW used to play with  Hazrat Ayesha RA

wife and husband

admire to wife

fun with wife

When she dress for you anything new, show herself in front of you. Gaze her give compliments and show your feelings be sincere and careful when she is happy don’t say anything which make her mood spoil, uncomfortable. Appreciate her beauty, hug her like she feel proud my husband is happy from her. You can call your wife with silly names as Holy Prophet Call Hazrat Ayesha (ayesh) .
You Use any sweet fruit name or vegetable name. 
The successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can't live in peace without her.
Yea without husband we can't success too, wife need to support him to always, make his spirit more n happy...take care him too! N May our brothers and sisters in Gaza Palestine always sabr , because they are lots of her husbands or his wife’s,,, May Allah grand Jannah for them
Life is in fact peaceful when both wife and husband can't live without each other

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i love you

Say thanks to Allah in front of him or her. Bow to Allah and tell to your spouse that he or she is so happy to find you in her life
Allah has blessed me with so many things and being your wife is one of those things :) I Love you for teaching me everything about Islam that you know. I Love You so much 
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 Prepare and collect some words, give them a sequence and write a beautiful poem for her. If you want to surprise her use your own words instead of someone poetry. This poetry for wife “You are my ocean and I want to drown in this ocean”

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wife is world


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