Islam kids child parents father love Makkah khana kaba tour group prayer.
Beautiful idea to teach children how to pray together and at the end encourage them by showing their video and picture. Make a small group of your kids for salat teach them how to Prostration. A person is very nearer to lord when he is in prostration. Good advice, lesson.
                            kids pray togather

A kid sitting on green fresh grass watching 

Father showing khana kaba to his kids from the upper floor

Guiding his children how to pray by standing together
father guide

Moving toward holy kaba by holding parents finger
father son daughter

Friend quote: Friends who pray together stay together 
friend togather
Muslims sisters
girl praying


Beautiful dreamy tour of school to Makkah
group selfie makkah tour kids

guidness to right path

Teaching little child how to perform Hajj 

hajj practice

kid quran

kids praying salat

learning islam

little child haji

little muslims

little sheikh

Big brother holding his little brother hand and walking towards Allah home.

Sitting in mosque. School teacher teaching students about Islam. Sibling love. Kids’ reading Quran in candle light.

makkah sitting watching kaba

masjid nabwai reading quran

muslim brother

Everyone is equal in islam. Greeting Welcome to Makkah

no racism in islam

prayer in dessert

school teacher

sibling love

sister brother love

small group prayer idea

starting group prayer
Little kid First Kalma Answer Question Video



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