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No doubt Women can play an important role in society. With the passage of time women are proving this that they can do anything what they want.

Turkey and Scotland army

To encourage women these two country turkey and Scotland now officially approve hijab as part of their police uniform. These motivate young Muslim girls to join police force.
Their hijab will be like that they can cover their heads under their police cap without any hijab pattern and color of their hijab will be same as uniform.
Scotland give this freedom to women to wear hijab as uniform with this hope this will create more diverse police force.
Now women can consider to start their carrier in police force and this will also let other countries to think on it. This will create awareness in women, besides working at home as house wife they can also protect their country. In Muslim community this is very good positive step.

Final Words
Muslim women can do anything, wearing hijab as uniform in police force will show a good and motivation thought to other women who are discourage from their life. Also this will help to grow country hijab army. 



Namal Shah

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