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Stop thinking of what didn't work out. You're exactly where the Almighty wants you to be. Don't waste the opportunity. Seize the clay.

scholar saying
Don't worry about those who try to push you down. The harder they try, the more the Almighty will intervene. Trust Him to put things right.

mufti ismail say

Appreciate the basic things in life. They mean a lot. We've been given much. We've been spoilt. Yet we complain. Start thanking the Almighty today. 
clean your heart
It's a disease affecting many. Hypocrisy. Doing well for the world to see... showing off. Get to the root of the problem. Cleanse the heart.

mufti ismail menk

There'll always be tough days. Never begrudge others who seem to be having a smooth ride. Know that we all face ups & downs. That’s life!

death remind
In this life, there's no place for pride, arrogance & ego. We all have the same end result. We have to return to the Almighty. No one is spared.

ismail menk
In the end, you don't need anyone but the Almighty. Whatever you're going through, have patience. Trust Him. Everything will turn out fine.

jealous in islam
The reality is the world is full of haters. Don't let them hold you back. Their mindset is trapped in Jealousy & comparison. Ignore them.

life quotos
Don't be obsessed with where you've been. That's over. Focus on where you’re headed. Life's too short to keep dwelling on what's done!
allah almight
Today people tend to put filters on their images before posting them. But the Almighty doesn't need you to put a filter on your Life.

Failure is not permanent. You pick yourself up, have firm faith move on. Trust that the Almighty is planning something better for you. Be patient.

action and reaction in islam
When someone tries to offend you, remember you can't control what they do but you can control your response. Save yourself .Intelligent people do this 


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