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Children of the Al Amaanah Academy in Kaduna Nigeria did a play this morning where "Mufti Menk" gave a talk! MaashaaAllah Tabarakallah

mufti ismail in academy

We met again, exactly a year later. Do you remember this elderly man from rural Zimbabwe? I posted a wefie last year that went viral. He couldn't believe that people from all over the world would now be able to recognise him. I was looking forward to seeing him today and Alhamdulillah I did. He hasn't aged a single bit. MaashaaAllah Tabarakallah. He wanted me to take a little video with him after I explained to him what InstagramStory is all about. 

mufti menk selfie

It was an honor to have met The Governor of Kaduna Nigeria this evening HE Nasir El-Rufai. A very pleasant and humble brother. May Allah Almighty bless you and your nation. Aameen

nasir el rufai

It takes a simple visit to make rural folk so happy. Yet we who live in cities are very difficult to please. These are lessons learnt by spending the days of Eid with children in rural Zimbabwe. We have everything but complain. They have very little but are so content. They asked me to take a picture and convey EidulAdha greetings to you all. Subhanallah. You can hear it in my instastory. muftimenk

with zimbabwe child

I spent part of my EidulAdha with these boys in rural Zimbabwe. It was a great blessing. They have no electricity or running water let alone mobile devices etc. They lead much happier lives than us. Time in their company felt so pure, natural and uncontaminated.

zimbabwe children

Absolutely awesome! One of the village elders in rural Zimbabwe who really wanted to covey his greetings of salam to the whole world! Said to be over 100 years old but very energetic and content. I met him during the days of EidulAdha. MaashaaAllah Tabarakallah


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