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Hadhrat Shaykh Ali Murtaza rahmatullah alayhi did not have enough money to cover the cost of staying in Madeenah Munawwarah, and he had been without food for a few days. Then, in a dream, Hadhrat Shaykh did Ziyaarah of Rasoolullah ﷺ, who said to him, “Whose guest are you?”. He replied, “I am your guest, O Messenger of Allah”. Rasoolullah ﷺ then placed something in his hand. When Hadhrat Shaykh awoke, he opened his hand to find a Riyaal in it. 

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doors in islamic architecture

The viewing holes above are aligned to the blessed faces of the inhabitants of the graves. The largest hole on the left directly faces the noble face of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). The one in the middle is aligned to the face of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) and likewise the one on the right is aligned to the face of Hadhrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him).

Green Dome

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There is a very well-known event behind this rubaye (quartet), when Shaikh Sadi (r.a) wrote this rubaye he was not getting the last verse which would complete the rubaye and because of this he was not satisfied and was worried.

What was lacking? Why he was unable to complete the last line? And in this thought he fell asleep. What Shaikh Saadi (r.a) saw was unbelievable!

He found himself in the lofty presence of our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ ) surrounded by the sahaba (r.a). Our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ ) asked Shaikh Saadi (r.a) the reason of him being so worried. Hazrat Sheikh Saadi (r.a) replied: “O Prophet of Allah (ﷺ )! I have written a quartet in your praise but I am still unable to get the last verse.” Our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ ) told him to recite what he had written. Hazrat Shaikh Saadi (r.a) read the following lines: “Balaghal-‘ula be-kamaal-e-hi,

which means that the Holy Prophet (ﷺ ) went to the Heavens by the excellence of his own self and it was not Jibreel nor the buraq which took him. They were the protocol officers assigned for the job.

Kashafad-duja be-jamaal-e-hi,

Due to him the darkness vanished and our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ ) filled the entire universe with his light (beauty)

Hasunat jamee’u khisaal-e-hi,

At this point he got stuck. Our beloved Prophet (ﷺ ) then completed the rubaye by saying:

Sallu ‘alae-hi wa aal-e-hi,
(Send peace on him and his family)  and in this manner this beautiful quartet got completed and Hazrat Shaikh Saadi (r.a) was blessed by meeting with our Beloved Prophet (ﷺ ).

Green Dome

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roza e rasool

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