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Islam is complete religion. And it is a complete code of life. Islam teach and guide us in every aspect of life. We pray five times a day but when we sleep for 8 to 9 hour at night then Islam guide us a prayer that we should read before going to sleep. If some person want to get whole night the blessing of reward then he or she should read this Islamic dowa “ALLAHUMA BISMIKA AMUTU WAA AHYAA”
sleep prayer

This is sleep prayer all Muslims must read before going to bed. A night prayer can change your life or may be ALLAH reward you with heaven. For example if someone close his eyes by praying night prayer and on the death angel arrival he become happy because you slept by reading night prayer.

sonay say pehlay ki dua

If you want to sleep with peace then after ISha Prayer. Recite some Holy Quran Ayyat. And just before closing your eyes read dowa

sonay ki dua in urdu

Rat ko insan ko sony sy pehly yh dowa lazmi parhni chahy agr wo pori rat skoon sy sona chahta ha or dil ka skoon chahta ha . sonay ki dowa kay h faida ha ak to ap pori rat Allah ki ibadat m guzrty hain or dosra yh k Agr Mout ka frista ann pochy app ko dekh k wo b Kush ho ga k ALLAH ka yh momin bnda ibadaat m masroof ha.

good night prayer

Send this night prayer with your friends because true friends are those who let you guide what is good for them. Send this beautiful Islamic wish so that all Muslims can follow Islam Sunnah. Pray this night dua in urdu. sonny ki yh Arabic dowa ko apny friends k sath ziyda sy ziyda share karien .

night prayer islam
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sone ki dua in arabic

Islamic Dua
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sony ke dua

Arabic Dua for sleep

night prayer


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