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Hadees is a one of word, action or habit of Prophet Muhammad. Hadess in English called hadith. You can learn 24 hadith, easily save these images you’re your Device laptop or mobile. Read daily hadith, try to follow. 
Hadess Collection

For our Muslims brothers and sisters we collect these hadith in Arabic, Urdu and in English translation so that you can easily understand.
beautiful hadith (1) 
          Before the peace talks                               The two customary greeting

beautiful hadith (3)
beautiful hadith (4)

       Every good deed is charity                      Indeed, Allaah is gentle like flexible

hadees (2)

    hadees (1)

    Prayer is the light of faith                                Actions are by intentions.

              Fasting is Shield                                         Indeed, religion is easy

Kyrkuahy the name of religion              Knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim                                                                                       to get religion
hadees urdu  (2)
hadees urdu  (3)

The best thing is the Book of Allah                  And the best way is the way of the                                                                                       Prophet Mohammad

hadees urdu  (4)
 hadees urdu  (5)

            Modesty is by faith

hadith (1)
hadith (2)

         The early work of the devil                      The good name of good manners

hadith (3)
hadith (4)

            Purity is part of faith

hadith (5)islamic hadees (1)

Do not do evil to those who have died       There is no doubt stand in the unit not                                                                                                        drink

islamic hadees (2)
islamic hadees (3)

Cleaning teeth and mouth to the Lord's favor is          You do not ask any people

islamic hadees (4)
islamic hadees (5)

Take the name of Allah and eat with the right hand                Eat your behalf


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