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Kya sb sitary or siyary apny apny madar py goom rahy hain?
Quran ki ic ayat sy wazya tor py sabit hotaw ha “naw Suraj ki majal ha k wo chand ko ja pakry or na rat Din sy pehly namodar ho skti ha, or sb sitary or siyary apny apny madar m harkat pazeer hain.”(Sura Yaseen)
Quran and Science  Sun revolving or not

Is Every Thing in this world have Heart?
Kis tarha har cheez ka Dil hota ha Surah Yaseen ko Quran ka Dil kaha jata ha.

surah yaseen heart of quran

Does the sun moving or fix at one position?
Scientist says Sun is not moving it is fix at one place only planets revolving around it. But here in Quran surah Yaseen clearly you can read that sun is moving and it is not fix at one position.
”Or Suraj hamesha apni makrara manzil k liya chalta rahta ha , yeh bary galib bht ilam waly ki takdeer ha.”(Surah Yaseen)
quran surah yaseen message
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Quran ko follow krien if you want to spend peaceful life and want to become success in your life Follow Quran don’t follow English people quotes Like now a days this quotes is so much poplar in new generation that
 “Respect Woman? No I respect the person, not the gender. I simple can’t respect the person due to his / her gender.”
My dear brothers and sisters if you start following these Hollywood celebrates lines and quotes than things can’t be fine in our society. Follow Sunnah, follow the Quran, and understand its meaning.
In this post you learn about is sun is moving around the earth or stop at one point, Quran ayyat about sun revolves or not. Are starts and planets fix or moving.
Respect women as it may be at any stage of your life she can be your daughter, may be your wife, may be your mother may be your sister. So respect women and one thing brothers and sister Islam religion is for all keep in mind every person have heart don’t respect only Muslim lady or women also respect non-Muslims ladies may be by your good manner she impress by your Husn E treatment and convert to Islam. JazakaALLAH

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