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Pathan is great nation who care their respect and don’t let their dignity down, they never beg in front of any one for money even when they are hand to mouth.
I’m sharing my personal experience here I’m 22 year old but in my life I never seen a single pathan who is begging for money they do job they eat less but don’t beg like others even if they have no money they try to do something they establish a little cart with a fire furnace to cook pop corn and sell out to people, as pathan people are strong in health and have very muscular power in it they do job as loading heavy weight from one place to other with tourist who are climbing mountain for visits, many of people you also see videos like pathan put a motor bike on his shoulder and climb on this bus for travel .
    pathan on job
Pathan do job in every field of life , they are very genius and intelligent also , may be you see many jokes about them but respect ,salute to Pathan Sir Abdul Qadeer who initate the atomic bomb project for Pakistan and by their efforts Pakistan become first muslim nuclear power country.
dr abdul qadir pathan

You can see the happiness and real life on their faces they are very happy in their life.
real happy face pathan
As in moderan age pathan still like to wear Shalwar Kameez this is the latest photo of a child pahtan wearning beautiful white hat on it and a young boy with his new dress and glasses celebrating Eid .
celebaration pathan eid

Moulana Tariq Jameel Shab meet with a pathan who posted a picture on social network with some words
moulana tariq jameel meet with a pathan

“Alhamdolillah hamare mla adv #waris #pathan sahab ka international logon me hua shumaar adv waris pathan sahab mla se mulakat hui international islamic scholar moulana taarique jameel sahab se
moulana tarique jameel sahab ne adv #waris #pathan sahab ko duwaen di or apni nek nasihaton se nawaza qom o millat ke liy isi tarah kaam karne ke liye kaha or hamare mla sahab se mill kar wo bohat khush hue”.
in fron of truck peopleBelow in this picture you can see Pathan standing in front of his big truck and passing beautiful smile to camera.Donating food to others as to get reward (sawab) for God Sake.

A very old picture of the #Quaid receiving a rifle from a Pathan tribal during his visit to city Peshawar as Governor General of Pakistan.

Quaid Azam buying gun from pathan

 A cute little child group photos of pathan.
smily pathan child group photo
Pathan kabi kisi k samny mangty nahi apni koi choti c rahri laga lety hain kis py wo chalee paka k sell krty or apni zindge ka guzr basar krty hain apni ezzat ki or azmat ka kyal rakhty hain apni qoum ka name roshan buland krty hain kuch motivational quotos yh b hain pathan k bary me pathan real fighter hota h
“hitler sayes to all world,,,lesson me dear....all fake but pashtoon is real tigher”
Pathan to weapon sirf shok k lya rakhty hain warna khof k lya naam pathan hi kafi hota h.
Pathan makes rules and follow
pathan make rules
Some one ask to pathan after capturing photo brother tell me some thing good
He reply “bhi zindge m agr kamyab hona h to halal rizak kamana , me kamyab hon or yh mat sochna k ameer hona kamyabi ha , kamiyab wo hota h kis k dil ko skoon hasil ho ”.
a great reply to all rich people by pathan

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Namal Shah

Namal Shah is Islamic Nayyab Girl , who love Islam and love to post Islamic Things and want to share islamic knowledge with every one so that Islam blessing reach to maximum people and every one enlight with islamic Knowledge.

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