Nimaz q ada krni chahy What is key of success Islam and nimaz Nimaz ka azaan m zikar Haya ala falah mean Salat Why we should read salat Peace in heart Pray with hope key to success
Why we should offer Salat ( Nimaz or Pray ) ?

Nimaz is the pillar of Islam. The only thing which make difference between non-Muslim and Muslim is Salat to Allah. Salat is key to success which is clearly define in Adhan (Azaan).  Haya ala alfalah. If anyone want peace in his life then that person start praying with full faith and hope that Allah will help him because pessimist show that you have not believe on your virtue and pray , be patience ! When you offer pray, show humbleness in your prostration, read Quran! Reading Quran will answer your every question.
Humien nimaz q parhni chahy ?
Nimaz deen ka stoon ha . sirf ak non-muslim or muslim k darmyan fark ak Nimaz ka ha jo wo Allah k lya ada krta ha . Nimaz kamyabi ki kunje ha jis ka zikar azaan m wazya door py kaha gya ha . Haya Ala Alfalah . 

Agr koi shaks chahta ha apni zindge m skoon to os ko chahy k nimaz parhy or poray yakeen or umeed k sath adaa kry nimaz ko q k agr wo mayous ha ic ka mtlb yhi h k os ko apni dowa or niki py yakeen nahi , Quran parhy , quran parhny sy os k har question ka answer mil jay ga.
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