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I am going to get a little brother. That is why my mother doesn't work these days. My father helps me get ready for the school, cleans the house and leaves for work. My mother makes the food with her own recipe but I make bread (roti) when I come back. It's a very important task and I am very good at it now! 
We all are happy and looking forward to my brother's arrival.

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Rubina Malik Can I hug you. You are the most beautiful and amazing human. It is so pathetic that we put all the responsibility of a household on little daughters. Please know that I love you and will pray for your happiness
Umber Darilek It says her dad does the housework. She is proud of herself for making Roti. What is wrong with a child having a chore after school? My kids have to clean a bathroom and sweep the living room. Sometimes they do dishes and fold laundry. Roti is not everything. It is one skill. A good skill.
Rubina Malik Umber Darilek I agree with kids having chores. But stealing their childhood is another story. What if the mother was having a sister instead of a brother? Something to think about?
Amnah Arshad The way her dad helps her get ready for school shows that she is loved. Idk if having a sister would have changed the situation but she seems proud of herself and it seems that the whole family is working AS A FAMILY when mom needs a break. We shouldn't just start with a negative thought.
Stealing childhood means not going to school, not your parents helping you dress up for school and not having ANY time for.yourself. She is just making some roti for her family... I think it's being responsible and considerate.
Shahgul Wahid I learned to make roti at the age of 6, not because someone was trying to burden me, but because the fine art of roti making fascinated me. I would watch my own mom make roti and beg her to let me make the last one. After that I would run to the neighbors and watch her make it. Hers were more facsinating because she made it on an open fire angithi in the yard. Let children take responsibility and learn skills if they want to. Least to stay, I hate roti making now and glad I did it as a child. (p.s. My son was equally taken by roti making at 3yo and I never denied the last roti to him)
Kanwal Hasan Khan It is not roti making that has stolen her childhood; it is poverty. It is sweet how the dad and big sister is taking care of the mom to welcome the little one. But i wonder if they actually know the gender of the baby or it is their wish.

Rubina Malik Guys please read my post. I am in love with this beautiful girl. It is the people around her. I am sick of this argument that if we don't employee children they will astray. No. This is absolutely not true. Stop raising slaves. Being helpful is one thing. I hope her smile stays genuine forever because she deserves happiness and respect. For all humans of Pakistan who hire children as servants take a long and hard look at those children faces and come back and tell me those kids are really happy. It is about time we stop pushing things under the rug. Start facing issues so we can solve them.
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Pious wife is a great gift of Allah Azzawajal"
“A man at the masjid was telling me that if it wasn’t for his wife, he would have been destroyed. She struggled with him for 18 years to get him to perform Salah [prayer]. She used to bring him wudu water and he used to throw it away. But with her persistence and struggle, he now prays 5 times a day in the Masjid. He was in tears talking about how much he loves his wife. Don’t take a good woman for granted.”

“When he wanted to take her picture, he didn’t tell her to smile, but told her “I love you” and her smile was more beautiful”๐Ÿ’•❤๐Ÿ˜

May Allah grant all of us Such a pious Spouse who helps us here to attain Jannah In sha Allah!

All that matters is if we can pray and make jannah our aim.
May Allah SWT grant us beautiful pious spouses and for those who are married, may you always be together and meet in jannah ๐Ÿ™❤
Being a Muslim, I dont want to marry a Singer who sings well, but a Woman who recites Quran beautifully.
Being a Muslim, I dont want to marry a Model who shows her body, but a Hijabi who covers even her face.
Being a Muslim, I dont want to marry a celebrity who is famous to the world, but a Pious woman who is the most famous in the home of her husband.
Through days and nights I`ll be loving you, loving you I'll thank Allah for opening my eyes.
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Every time I go back to my home to my friends and family, they crack jokes on my job as a soldier. I told always that it is an easy job unless you are serving in the war zone. You get good salaries, free home and cheap medical treatment and plot by time you retire.

What they do not understand are the hardships we go through during our service at army. All the perks we get are no way near to any compensation for our efforts in the rough terrains like Baluchistan, Siachen, Durand Line (Pak-Afghan border) and the entire L.O.C (Line of Control: Indo-Pak border). We stay away from our parents, siblings, children and loved ones for months. Sometimes we are posted at places with no or less cell phone reception or any other communication method. We are trained to be fearless and now even death does not fear us. We have gotten use to of guns, bullets, wounds, blood and death.
I was posted in Malam Jabba a few months ago. It is a tourist place and every weekend hundreds of people come here with their families and friends for skiing and vacations. Just try imagining for once how we feel seeing those happy families, while staying thousand miles away from ours.

Who are Real Hero’s?
It’s the same here in India as well. My father is in mumbai police and to know the hardship they face, let me tell you that I am 22 years old & never ever in my entire life have i seen him home during the festival days. Be it eid, be it diwali, be it holi or dusshera, he is never with us. It’s the life, and it is this way. He does it for the mega city, he does it for his family. These are real heroes, not those Bollywood actors.
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I came back to Pakistan from UK a year and a half ago to study dentistry. There was a lot of competition over there and I could not have made it to a good school so that’s why instead of choosing any other country, I chose my homeland. Although I was raised in UK, I can speak the native language (Pashto) fluently. I wish to the change of perception of dentistry in Pakistan, particularly among kids. Dentists are perceived to be scary and crude. I want to change this perception by changing the dentists’ approach. I have also observed that most Pakistanis don’t usually go to dentists because they cannot afford the treatment. Instead of getting the bad tooth treated, they prefer to get it extracted because it is less expensive. However, in reality it is more painful and gives birth to various diseases like HIV because of unhygienic use of medical equipment’s.

I got this inspiration from a friend of mine who was fundraising for war affected people of Syria where he started going door to door to collect funds. After getting my degree, apart from working in Pakistan, I am going to travel to the poor countries of the world and tend to children and poor people for free; especially those who cannot afford dentists and have no choice but to let their teeth go bad. I don’t believe in equality but in equity when it comes to helping others. After all, everyone has the right to a safe and healthy life.
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→So many Pakistanis on Humans of Pakistan out to make a better world, amazing to see Very accha! :P Edit: To those in the comment section so curious about how I know a few words of Urdu (or say I'm Indian? :P), haha, I am Dutch (Netherlands), I just try to learn a few sentences for someone special. As of now, meri Urdu uchi nahi hai  In any regard, please focus on the gentleman in the picture rather than myself, and much love from the Netherlands to all the lovely people in Pakistan!

→People with very little giving a lot. We can all learn from Pakistani people. HOP One great story after another.
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I got married to my second cousin at the age of 19 and was promised by my in-laws that I wouldn't have to quit my studies. But the day I moved Abroad with my husband I got to know every promise they made was just a lie.
He wasn't interested in me at all and his extramarital affairs became a routine matter for me. When I was pregnant with my first child he used to physically abuse me. My mother-in-law had a similar life so she was helpless in front of her husband and son. Even my phone was taken away and I wasn't allowed to talk to my parents without his permission.

My father sensed something is wrong at my end and by using all means he could, he called me back to Pakistan with my new born. My child was taken back by them to Abroad while I was in hospital going through a severe nervous break-down as a result of divorce papers sent by my husband without giving any explanation. Those were the gloomiest days of my life and I was left divorced at an age of 21. Losing my child and watching my ex-husband tying the knot with someone else right after leaving me, I suffered it all. My mother stood by my side and made me realize Its Okay to not have a fairytale life.
My parents made me resume my studies. During my student life, I met some of the best people of my life who restored my confidence in everything. My mother taught me to wear my scars like wings. This was the reason I was able to hide my journey for so long.
While I was fighting with anxiety and depression behind closed doors she made my mind to give life another chance. And here I am today! done with my masters degree. Found my soulmate who not only accepted my dark past but stood by my side when everyone was pointing fingers at me. He, along with my brother & father made me believe not all men are same. Life is unpredictable, just believe in your Lord, trust His plans and fight your battles with a spirit to win.
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The inner peace of Heart can only be achieved by worship.

Dil ka skoon sirf Allah ki ibadat sy hasil kia ja skta ha. Musklaat zindge me ati hain bohat insan ko sabr sy kam lena chahy himmat nahi harni chhay na hi beskoon ho jana chahy . Bohat sy log Nasha krna , music sunna or galat kamo ma par jaty hain jb on py azmish ati ha jo k galat ha bilkul, Agr Allah sy madad mangi ha to pehly shukar kiya jay jo Allah ny sakhti di hoi ha hamry hak me behtri k lya beji gae hain.
Dil k skoon k lya Allah ka zikr krien .

Salat skoon Dil ka whatsapp dp and states images.
Aaj ki achi baat Islamic deeni baatien .


Want peaceful life where there is no tension and worry Then pray five times a day. All problem and trial are from Allah side which is test from Allah to us how much and strong our faith . people start listing music , start taking pills or any bad thing adopt which is no allow in islam to get rid from these problem but this is not correct way . 

Pray and talk with Allah If you want Peace in your heart. Fajar Prayer is best to get peace and start your day with Allah name. Fajar Reminder.
Wallpaper fajar reminder Prayer.
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Humara har kaam asaan hoga Jab Din ka Pehla Kaam Namaz hoga. Everything will be easier when our first task of the day will be pray.
Start prayer or wish to send on whatsapp messages status with picture morning quotes.

When you start your day with the name of Allah then your day will be good. When you wake-up early, your body also become active, so you feel energetic all day. With the name of the Lord of this universe, our day will be good bless for us.
Send this motivational Islamic message to your friends, family members, lovers, relatives those all your Muslims brother and sister whom you want to see in Jannah.
Use this positive healthy powerful wallpaper for your desktop and can set picture into your WhatsApp full dp.

The Answer of the question: How to start your day?
Answer: woke up and say Allah ho Akbar. Thank you Allah you woke me up for Fajar Prayer and let me to stand and bow in front of you.
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Best thing to read when you free when you travelling or doing anything keep reading this zikr.
Islamic whatsapp wallpaper in urdu Duniya me tmhry liya badtreen saza yehi ha ke Allah tumhari zuban se apna zikar ruk leta hai.


For Muslim this is some kind of punishment or trail from Allah that you become busy in your work so much have no time to pray Salat, have no time to remember Allah. 


You going away from Allah slowly. And it is punishment on you in this world, you stop calling his name Allah from your tongue because you are no able to even say Allah.
Send these urdu Islamic baatein in to whatsapp group or whatsapp status images.
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Exactly it is. In any hardship given, Allah grants blessing in it. May Allah give us strength to be able to face it successfully.
Every struggles we experienced is blessing .because you can learn a lot of it and it will make you strong person. So don't be sad just trust Allah and keep praying.

Having problem in life read Quran contact Allah with prayer make strong connection with Allah.

Zindge me musklat atien hain insan ko sabar krna chahy or Allah ic muskil sy hamien nawazta ha qu k hum ic sy bohat kuch sikhtein hain pehli to yeh bat k Allah har cheez py kadir ha wo jo chahy jb chahy kr skta ha.


Ak khas Allah ka mukrara wakat tk jb koi khatam halat sy guzar k Allah ki nimaat or skoon sy nawaza jata ha to os m bohat c changing aa chuki hoti hain or wo pehly sy ziyda strong hota ha insan q k Rab sy os ka rishta or gehra ho chukka hota ha.

Zindge me agr koi chor gya ha to preshan nahi hon balky Dua karien Allah sy Quran ko read krien beshak Allah k zikar sy Dilon ko Skoon milta ha.
Learn Islam:  Beti k Haqooq
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Kaba Ko Dekhny k liya Hasrat sy Dua Krna
The most beautiful feelings, scene in the world when you first time saw the Holy Kabbah. Ya Allah accept our good deeds and forgive us. Ya-Allah I daily cry daily imagine once I will goto Makkah. I want to see Kaba once in my life time please Allah allow me, make me able that I visit to your Home.
Wallpaper Hd

Whatsapp Islamic picture in urdu language.


Ya Allah aik bar hi sahi mujhe Kabbah ki deewar se Lipat kar rona hai. Happiness is seeing the house of Allah. Kushi to yeh ha Allah ko ghar ko dekha ja rha ha.
Urdu achi bat Islamic images deeni hadiyat aj ki achi bat.
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Good Morning Prayer to start your day. Astaghfirullah for yesterday, Aalhamdulillah for today and InshAllah for tomorrow to make our day good with Allah.
The changing of hearts and vision away, a night and day changer (Allah), the situation and conditions for taking into custody (Allah) make our recent change in good condition.

Always start your day with Allah name and say thanks to Allah while sleeping.Best wish to send your friend.

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Now a Days people think new generation falling in love before Marriage they start thinking boyfriend girlfriend relation is right and a boy and girl can become friend.
But it is haram if you start making any kind of relation before nikkah. 



Proper way of loving your spouse is just married with him or her make it halal so both you and Allah happy, completed Holy prophet Sunnah.
Remember Shaytaan will play with your emotions. People these days getting into haram relationships expecting not to get hurt. Allah wants you to be happy and he knows this is only done if relationships are halal.

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Lover boy and lovely girl dp for facebook


Trust Allah. There is someone for you. Don’t go out there doing any haram stuff. Just be patient and Allah's perfect plan will unfold. Love start after Nikkah.Cover picture muslim couple for facebook



Young couple fall in love after marriage sitting on horse talking to each other and praying together from Allah.
Beautiful Islamic marriage girl and boy dp. Handsome cover photo of loving couple.
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What can be best place to work off course the place which every Muslim want to visit peaceful job ,the best place and the center of the world Khana kaba. Here in this post we are sharing security guard and cleaner images who performing this beautiful job in haram. There are both type of workers male and female. Female at their own sides.